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pagination with lat lng - CakePHP | Google Groups
pagination with lat lng. Options . Local: Fri, Aug 3 2012 3:28 am. Subject: Re: pagination with lat lng. Print | Individual message | Show original .

how to handle foursquare api's sensitivity with lat, lng - Stack Overflow
Look at the api: You can specify a radius up to about 2000 meters. That's not really very large .

google maps - How do I know if a Lat,Lng point is contained within a ...
Ok pretty self explanatory. I'm using google maps and I'm trying to find . Working solution with dragable markers & center marker. Have you ever .

Google Maps + Geocode APIs - Lat/Lng Lookup
Fill out street, city, state and press 'Locate on Map' to look up lat, lng and zip. You can also click on the map to find the lat/lng of a point on the map.

Download UK Postcodes with Latitude and Longitude
Download a list of UK out code postcodes with their latitude and longitude coordinates.

Google Maps lat/long finder
Lat/lng in deg min sec. Latitude: Longitude: Northing: Easting: Map zoom: Altitude : Approximate address: ...and if Street View is available you can improve your .

lat/lng MapPoint
Hi guys, how to create a MapPoint using lat/lng values ? i want to add a marker according to lat and lng values .. thanx in advance.

algorithm - Calculating Lat/Lng X miles from point - GIS
Feb 4, 2011 . I'd like to give it a starting lat/lng, a bearing, and a distance (miles or kilometers) and I would like to get out of it a lat/lng pair that represent .

Google Maps Autocomplete: how to get lat/lng? - Stack Overflow
OK, I'm not familiar with Places or Autocomplete. But it looks like what you are looking for is autocomplete.getPlace().geometry.location .

Find Latitude and Longitude
Lat/Lng to Address · Address to Lat/Lng · Batch Geocode · Batch Reverse Geocode · Location Searches · Reverse Geocodes · Antipode Map (Tunneling Map) .

ruby - geokit -- using raw lat lng in rails - Stack Overflow
I've been using GeoKit for Rails and it works great. However, I noticed . Distance -wise: Geokit-gem provides a method to calculate the distance .

elliotlewis/Google-Latlng-Lookup · GitHub
Jun 15, 2012 . Sending Request… PHPJavaScript. PHP 81.9% · JavaScript 18.1%. Google Lat/ Lng Lookup Fieldtype for Expression Engine 2.x — Read more .

php - Lat / Lng to create a Marker on Google Map V3 - Stack Overflow
Sorry, I just fixed it .... var newLocation = new google.maps.LatLng(lat,lng); .

Getting Lat/Lng from Google marker - Stack Overflow
I made a google map with a draggable marker. When the user drags . Here is the JSFiddle Demo. In Google Maps API V3 it's pretty simple to .

google maps - How I can to pass the values lat, lng and address ...
I did this today ! I used this project as base. Used Apache and my SQL, and done the project on dreamweaver, it's working fine ! =). This is one post .

php - google maps cannot update lat lng value in html form in ...
Mar 7, 2012 . However, I can't update the lat lng values. I've tried using getElementbyId & getElementsbyClass but they do not work. Please help thanks in .

php - Find locations within a lat/lng bounding box - Stack Overflow
I have 4 variables: $southwest_lat, $southwest_lng, $northeast_lat, $ . In case your application can have $southwest_lng > $northeast_lng (180 .

Wikipedia Fulltextsearch : london
login. Wikipedia Search. 21730 records found in wikipedia.

postgis - How to pull lat/lng from a map canvas and update a ...
Jun 8, 2012 . So if i want to pull out lat/lngs after user clicks on a map canvas (lat/lngs are pulled using any javascript API (leaflet, wax etc.) and add this to a .

javascript - i cant get the Lat/Lng of a dragged marker in internet ...
not in IE, why? IE is different from standards compliant browsers and usually requires special coding. what am i doing wrong? This is the javascript .

geocoding - Google Places API results for 0,0 Lat Lng - Stack Overflow
I'm not sure why Google Places API is returning the following results . This must be a database-error, I get the same results for 0/0. I was playing .

Timezone database with Lat/Lng coordinates - Stack Overflow
Look this website. Have daily updates .

java - How to calculate the lat/lng of a point a certain distance from ...
All you need to do is take the original point and compute the distance for one degree to the east or west. That will give you the distance per degree .

Get Lat/Lng in Park
Determine latitude/longitude of a specific point. Click on the point for which you want latitude/longitude. A marker will be created at that point. Click on the marker .

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java - How to calculate the lat/lng of a 2nd point given 1st point and ...
You need one more parameter, namely "bearing". Then: var d = radius/6378800; // 6378800 is Earth radius in meters var lat1 = (PI/180)* centerLat; .

Stored Geocode Lat/Lng Recommended Refresh Interval - Message ...
Hi, If one is storing latitude/longitude results of address geocodes locally, for nearby calculations for example, how often should addresses be .;jsessionid=2D2F80352520AAC594DAD4C4DDC1E610

Data types for storing lng/lat in MySQL - GIS
May 30, 2011 . I'm storing a large list of lnt/lat points in a MySQL database. At the moment these are projected points for the UK in M, but in the long term I .

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sql queries - Drupal 7, GPS lat, lng closes value, is it possible ...
After multiple attempts to figure out how to find the closest gps point from the lat & lng fields (field_data_field_lat & field_data_field_lng) I would like to ask if such .

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CakePHP - pagination with lat lng
pagination with lat lng. morning, i have a problem with cakephp 1.3: $this-> paginate['fields'] = "id, $sql_for_distance as distance"; $data .

unable to get lat/lng values from JSON output - Stack Overflow
routes is an array of (anonymous) objects that contain the bounds object. anonObject = routes.getJSONObject(0); bounds = anonObject.

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  • sql - Measuring distance between two Lat/Lng points - Stack Overflow
    I think I have solved this issue by changing from Googles example to the formula provided by "Adventures of an adopted yooper". Using his/her .

c# - X Y Conversion to lat lng - Stack Overflow
i have places location in the database by x ,y and shape How can I . There are a lot of different geographic coordinate systems. The most .

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