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Burgundy's Hautes-Côtes Region Takes Center Stage - Newsweek ...
Jul 30, 2012 . Burgundy winemakers rediscover the Hautes-Côtes. Print; Email . There is some limestone, but you have to seek it out. In the past the wines of .

Burgundy [Bourgogne] Wine
Examples of the wines made in Burgundy [Bourgogne], where to buy them . to be of equal importance, producing some of the most exclusive wines on Earth.

Fraud Charges Threaten Burgundy's Vaunted Reputation - NYTimes ...
Jun 18, 2012 . In 2005, for example, executives of several smaller-scale Burgundy merchant houses were found guilty of mislabeling some of their wines.

Culinary Travel: Burgundy Food, Restaurants, and Wineries at ...
César is an ancient indigenous variety that brings body to some thin northern Burgundian wines. The region makes twice as much white as red, nearly all with .

About Burgundy wine
Chablis by far the most northerly of Burgundy's regions, known exclusively for dry white wines. The Côte de Nuits home of the great red Burgundies. Some white .

Burgundy Culture, Heritage and Tradition, Bourgogne
Effectively the best ambassador of Burgundy is its wine, with some famous appellations such as Chablis, Côte-de-Nuits, Côte-de-Beaune. Nowadays the region .

What is Bourgogne (or Burgundy)?
The simplest answer is that Bourgogne is wine from the french wine region Bourgogne. . For me terroir is some combination of the tradition of the region, the .

France's Burgundy Wine Region - For Dummies
Many wine lovers claim that Burgundy wines — from the Burgundy wine . Not every year is a good vintage; some years bring too much rain, or are too cool.

Burgundy Wine Festival | Boulder Wine
During this two-day extravaganza we will be able to drink some of the rarest wines of Burgundy due largely in part to the amazing generosity of our supplier .

Off to Burgundy to Drink Some Wine - Vinography: A Wine Blog
Nov 13, 2010 . Off to Burgundy to Drink Some Wine. I'm watching the sun rise over the tarmac at the San Francisco airport, running on very little sleep, and .

Bourgogne Wine
Bourgognewine, Bourgogne wine region detail page. . Some of these titles may be suffixed with the name of the particular sub-region, village or vineyard where .

Burgundy Wine Guide
Bordeaux might please the palate and the mind, but some wine drinkers will maintain that only Burgundy provides the most haunting bottles, memories of which .

Burgundy wine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some way south of Chablis is the Côte d'Or, where Burgundy's most famous and most expensive wines originate, and where all Grand Cru vineyards of .

Burgundy Wine, Buy and Order Burgundy Wines Online |
Indeed, Burgundy can be called home for both varietals, despite their increasing presence in every winemaking country. Other grapes are used in some of the .

How to Read a French Wine Label: Burgundy
These two wines comprise the majority of the region's wine, with Chablis, Gamay and some sparkling wines rounding out the rest of Burgundy's wine offerings.

The wines of Armand Rousseau, Burgundy, a tasting at Roberson ...
A vertical tasting of one of Burgundy's great producers held at London wine merchant . As well as inheriting some vineyards, Armand used to be a broker, .

Bourgogne Wine, Burgundy Wines, Burgundy Red Wine
Each vineyard's terrior defines the quality of the Bourgogne wine they produce. Some of the key quality indicators include the soil, their location on the slope, the .

Royal Pains - We can get some wine, Burgundy is fine | CliqueClack ...
Feb 23, 2012 . Well, it's over ... at least for now. 'Royal Pains' ended its third season with an episode that was quite intriguing. Then again, every episode of .

Louis Latour, Burgundy - The wine anorak
The wines of Louis Latour, Burgundy. . Each year they make around 150 different wines, with a production of 8.5 million bottles, of which some 1 million are .

French wine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although some producers have benefited in recent years from rising prices and increased demand for some of the prestige wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux, .

Burgundy Wine Guide - How to Buy Burgundy Wine -
Burgundy is one of the finest wine-producing areas in the world. Its many vineyards and villages produce some of the finest white (yes, white!) and red wines you .

Burgundy Wine Club
The Concept. It's all about education. This is a club for those eager to explore all facets of Burgundy (and get a great deal on some killer wines at the same time).

Burgundy Wines: A New Generation of Winemakers | Food & Wine
I heard about the blue grapes from my wine genius friend Jordan Salcito. She regularly travels to Burgundy with her sommelier husband, Robert Bohr, on some .

Visiting the French Wine Regions | France Wine Regions Map
Map of the wine regions of France and information on tasting wines and when to visit . Why not take a tour of some of the most famous vineyards? . a discussion of the main wine regions, and then head off to the great vineyards of Burgundy, .

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Burgundy vs. New World Pinot Noir - Wine - Chowhound
Some California Pinot Noirs are very Burgundian in style (e.g.: Arcadian, Navarro . a wine), and will confess to making some effort to find Burgundy reviews that .

Shalom Chin Burgundy Blog 6 – Wine Feng Shui in Burgundy – A ...
Our 'Wandering Sommelier' Shalom Chin encounters some Wine Feng Shui in Burgundy, indeed it would appear that Burgundian's take Chi as a… read more .

List of Burgundy Grand Crus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 2010, 18 670 hectoliter of Burgundy Grand Cru wine was produced, . owners, some of whom only own enough vines to make a case of wine per vintage.

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Burgundy Wine - Guide to Burgndy Wines
Alain Geoffroy is a traditional Burgundy born and bred vitner, coming from a long line of wine growers but there's a definite difference to some of his excellent .

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Wine Liaisons - Tailor Made Wine Experiences in Burgundy with ...
Organising wine tours throughout France and specialising in Burgundy. . the vineyards of France to enjoy some of the worlds greatest wines and meet with the .

Burgundy (Red Wine) News - The New York Times
Dec 5, 2007 . For the uninitiated, the best way to get to know Burgundy is to start with the wines of the best-known shippers, some of whom own parts of many .

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  • Burgundy Wine Guide: Appellations & Classifications
    As can be seen these account for the majority of Burgundy's wines, and yet much of this production is of limited interest. Some such wines do provide excellent .

My Blog: Red Burgundy and Fish in LA - | Wine ...
First is that the very hot 2003 vintage in Europe still managed to produce some wines with tension in Burgundy despite some that can be overly .

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